I am a bisexual woman

We live in a binary world. A world of polarisation. Where people are either; fascist or liberal, male or female, fake or real, half-glass-full or half-glass-empty, gay or straight. A world where somehow it feels like a betrayal to identify as someone in between. To be neither one nor the other. A world where you are either in one box, or the other. Where phrases such as, ‘sitting on the fence’ invoke distrust through a lack of conviction.

It was this world which I tried to think away my gay. Where I tried to rationalise that I wasn’t straight. I tried explain how, in some way, I could be one or the other, but never both. My sexuality therefore changed by the month. Statements to my friends such as; “I’m gay this month.” Would be met with confusion and concern.

But guess what people… I love sitting on fences. I love seeing the world from a different vantage point. I AM the betwixt and between. And while I may not care about the opinions of all those homophobes out there, and while I am lucky enough to have a family that loves and accepts me for who I am. I somehow have spent years struggling to accept myself.

But now I have let go of all of the thinking, I have embraced the in-between, and I have accepted that I AM A BISEXUAL WOMAN.


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