Introducing the story of my rape

Introduction to my story

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I am a bisexual woman

We live in a binary world. A world of polarisation. Where people are either; fascist or liberal, male or female, fake or real, half-glass-full or half-glass-empty, gay or straight. A world where somehow it feels like a betrayal to identify as someone in between. To be neither one nor the other. A world where you are either […]

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What is sex?

Sometime life speaks out to you in the strangest ways when you need it most. Sometimes you need to hear advice when you are least expecting it. Last night I was watching an episode from the series ‘Sense8’ and one of the characters gave me a wonderful quote about sex; “We are here because of […]

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A catalyst for change

TRIGGER WARNING I started this blog as part of my journey of healing, as a reflective tool and to help other people. I do not claim to be an expert when it comes to dealing with the effects of sexual abuse, I do not claim to understand everyone’s experiences. What I do know however, is […]

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